After Sales Support

It’s important for us that if you buy any animals from us, that you get top quality support to help you care for your animals and /or help you grow your business. Our services include:

24x7 Contact
If you are new to breeding we are always available for any questions you have once you get your animals home. We found when we bought our first animals it was great having someone we could call upon regardless of the question. Simply email or phone us anytime. See our contact page for full contact details

Mating ServicesAndy  Harrison
We are happy to discuss your breeding goals and determining what characteristics from a male you should be looking for. In regards to our males we offer both mobile mating (the male comes to your place), or we can collect your female(s) and keep them at our property until they are confirmed pregnant. Contact us to discuss requirements and costs to determine which option would be best for you. For clients that have purchased breeding animals from us, and for those who choose multiple matings, discounted fees will be charged. 

Selling and Promoting your animals
Setting up of your own website can be expensive. If you purchase breeding animals from us, we are more than happy for you to utilise our website to sell and promote your stock.

Husbandry advice and support
Coming from a farming background we have extensive livestock knowledge. Alpacas are just like any other livestock and it’s important to understand what is ‘normal’ behaviour, so if there is a problem you can get onto it straight away. Best approach is prevention and we will provide advice on the appropriate and vaccination schedule and general maintenance for your animal(s). If you are starting out we will help you out with those injections or put you in touch with someone local who can until you feel comfortable doing it yourself. In regards to annual shearing, we can put you in touch with a local shearer. If you are local we will do our best to help you on the day, or we can come and pick up your animals and can get them shorn on our shearing day.


  • Live Cria Guarantee – If you use any of our stud males, part of the deal is that in the event that the pregnancy doesn’tKissing hold or the cria doesn’t survive the first 7 days post partum we will provide you with a re-mating of your female as soon as possible.
  • Fertility Guarantee – Any breeding animals purchased from McKenzie Fields Alpacas comes with a 100% fertility guarantee. Any animals purchased, that fails to produce progeny will be replaced. 

Show Preparation and Halter Training
For those of you that are interested in taking part of the many shows during the year, we will help you prepare. If you are simply just wanting to learn how to halter train your animals so you can take them for walks we are happy to help you out with this as well. We find that those animals that we halter train and handle more a dream when it comes to any routine injections.

If you want to get started now, but don’t have the land just yet, talk to us about the option to agist (board) any animals you purchase from us on our property. This comes with a small fee, which covers vaccinations and ongoing general maintenance.

Fleece Preparation and Use
We want you to get the full benefits of these lovely animals. We can provide advice in regards to getting your fleece processed, as well as selling your fleece via our website or even buying it back from you if you purchase our animals.

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