Advice & Knowledge

We have been breeding alpacas since 2005 and have built up our own expertise as well as a great network of other knowledgeable alpaca breeders. We offer a range of services to those clients that have bought animals from us (see our After Sales Support page), but we also are more than happy to share what we know with anyone interested in alpacas.

Husbandry advice and support
Coming from a farming background we have extensive livestock knowledge. Alpacas are just like any other livestock and it’s important to understand what is ‘normal’ behaviour, so if there is a problem you can get onto it straight away. We are happy to discuss what we do on our property in regards to general maintenance and care. 

Farm AssessmentGirls and Flowers
For those of you who are new to rural living or alpacas we are more than happy to help you in regards to getting the best out of your pastures, discussing what sort of pens , fences and shelter you may need. Each property is different, so we can either visit your place if you are local or chat about it with you over the phone.

Finding the right animal(s) for you
It’s important that you get the animals best suited for your needs. Whether they be simply as pets or dedicated fibre producers or as a part of your wider breeding goals. Our focus is on coloured alpacas (both suri and huacaya), and while we do have a large herd, we certainly won’t push you into a sale if the animal isn’t right for you. We have built up a network of other great alpaca breeders through-out the country and are more than happy to put you in touch with them or investigate options on your behalf to find you what you’re looking for. 

Stud Services
Equally important is getting the right male. We are happy to discuss your breeding goals and determining what characteristics from a male you should be looking for. In regards to our males we offer both mobile mating (the male comes to your place), or we can collect your female(s) and keep them at our property until they are mated. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Fibre – what to do with it?
There are more and more commercial ventures popping up through-out New Zealand and people are starting to really appreciate how fantastic alpaca fibre is. We started producing alpaca products in 2010 and are happy to share our experiences even if that’s just pointing you in the direction of where and how to get your fibre processed or even teaching you how to spin your own.

Visit Us
The best way to get a real appreciation of these animals is a farm visit. Contact us to arrange a time that suits. Even if you are just wanting to bring out the grand-kids for an afternoon visit – that’s okay – we’d love to meet you and chat about these wonderful animals.

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